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The NYC Chronicles

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Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
5:20 pm - MF Joined BMG!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!
It certainly has been awhile my peaches...There is nothing new and exciting going on in my life. I go to class, I go to my practicum, and I go to bed....and a few bars. I have no budding social life...I am a fat unattractive psycho who would rather sit on my couch watching my sweet sixteen and eating oreos. You see MF? I do understand....I'm just sitting here waiting to go to Econ. I sadly enough have not put any thought into this whole school work thing...This is very unsual for me.I am like what we had an assignment? I have been so scatter brained.Ah I am obsese and obese people like me should not even try being stylish. I wish I could be a good anorexic and like not eat, but I just don't have it in me. I must say that I am in love with the new Killers CD. it is so fabulous. Check out the tune Smile Like you Mean it. So good. Mel I looked up that random girl twin lesbian band that you told me....so not the song I was looking for. Damn I need to exercise. I bought clearance work out pants but am to lazy to go to the gym. I know once I get my ass there I will totally get all reved up but I just cant go...oh should not have had Burger King for lunch and dinner....yuck...why do only chocolates look at me in loving manners? Although I think I should be greatful for at least that. Last night at yogis this drunk guy was being all rude to me and my friends and I was like being mean back and they just couldnt believe it, and he was like trying to look at my tattoo and grabbed by booby and I was like uh uh get those paws off....I was not going to be afraid of his stupid ass...so there. Well got to go to class soon. I hate this mundane life...argggggg Oh by the way I was busy taking a hearty shit when the maintance men decided to pay me a visit and FIX MY TOILET SEAT. How bout putting your face in that.YESSSSSSS

current mood: cynical

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Thursday, July 28th, 2005
5:39 pm - I think I have been out of the loop
I hate my life and nobody loves me....there I have summed up my week...no wait my life. I was at Bryan Park pool with kids, and who did I see? I swear they think I am stalking them...Bill Kershners wife and son....I pretended not to see them....anyhoooo..MF what is going to be extra fresh when you see this boy....your lilly fresh white koochie????Monday night it is..the loss of the v-squad...how badly is he balding? why exactly was your roomate talking to your parents about this????? Why do you always see this boy on week nights???? Well I have no friends(MF I dont care what you say, I dont, and I am not always out drinking...) ok well ttyl later..Bemma I had the idea of coming to your show first no matter what that sleezy mel says...well I am off to 1/2 price martini might at Yogis where I get the "nod.""" yessssssssss

current mood: restless

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
12:02 am - The World is Changing without Me
I just realized that my maturation process has always been severely retarded( I mean that in the technical sense like "slowed down"). I just saw a photo of all the damn babies that my cousins have popped out, and had a true moment of panic. I have been left behind husbandless and childless...Maybe any old man will do at this point....Desperation has set in.

current mood: scared

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Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
6:25 pm - "You just don't know how lucky you are living in Bloomington"...Kiss my Ass!"
Well my day has gone fab....I am sick as a dog, I slept like 13 hours, I have a node on my throat, and oh yes....I HAVE HIGH ASS CHOLESTEROL!!! How could I have gotten that asks Annie (as she bites down on a large Taco Bell burrito, after having Steak-N-Shake for lunch....). It is as though they are saying "Hey you big fat ass, you clogged your own arteries, so deal with it." They they are like go on a diet for six months, and give me no direction on how to do this. Great......My node hurts, and I am fat and tired....Blah blah blah...I hate buttholes and annoying people. I got more grad school info, so I am going to look over it and ponder why I was born with a flat butt. Charlie Murphy, you got those numbers for me?

current mood: Still SICK

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Saturday, June 25th, 2005
4:06 pm - Dance like no one is watching.......
Hello all, I am heading up to Indy tonight...find me some good loving.....Noodle is coming into town. We are staying with the happy marrieds and their poopy puppy or "puppy dub." Heart Annie

current mood: Sick

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Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
6:37 pm - And here it begins........
Mel, MF, Di, you better get signed up!Like the picture? What am I doing here? Getting ready to share my inner most thoughts?

current mood: Dazed

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